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Nov 13, 2015

In a city where H.I.I.T. is trending, we're taking you through our workout this morning at OTF (Orange Theory Fitness) for OTFF, cause we're proud of it.

E.S.P.: Some days it's endurance, some days it's stregth and some days it's power. Today was endurance...which we did, endure.

We started with a twelve minute block of push pace intervals and incline training. Not sure if that sounds hard to you, but it's hard at 9:30am on Friday, at least to us. Goal was supposed to get your heart rate in the "orange zone", we ditched those heart monitors a long time ago.

Next up, rowing. Rowing is a bitch. Low impact, and full body, designed to not put stress on your joints, but damn we feel stressed. 500 meter sprints are mixed with dynamic weight/floor exercises. And we get it guy in the corner grunting really loud - Your dumbells are heavy.

Back to the treadmil for another twelve minute block of incline speed intervals. At this point, we're totally contemplating our post-workout coffee/eating situation, before we think our Coach Eddie is joking when he tells us to hit the floor again for the last block.

300 meter sprint rows, mixed with more dynamic weight/floor movement, and yes grunting guy in the corner, we still get it - your dumbells are really heavy.

We're done, except the sprint to the locker room.

When are the ladies going to learn that the locker room is for showering and getting your ass to work, and not discussing your divorce in length, while checking your voicemail from your kids school on speaker phone. Ladies who lunch, please let the bitches who brunch, have room to get ready for work.

Shout out to Coach Eddie for being everything ever in life!